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From Thrifting to eBay Selling

I’m excited to share this month’s Side Hustler of the Month with you because I met Jason just about when he started both of his side hustles: selling on eBay and freelance writing.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jason go live on Periscope and on Instagram stories as he shares thrift store shopping for items that he sells on eBay.  I never knew just how much you could make from old sneakers!  I was ready to begin raiding my brother, the sneaker head’s closet for old shoes, especially for his Nike Foamposites from the 1990’s.  But I digress.  His second side hustle is as a freelance writer where he’s making some serious side hustle dollars. Let’s see what he has to say.

Name of Side Hustle: I have two side hustles. I sell things on eBay PT & I’m a freelance writer

Start Date:  Got serious about eBay in 2015. Started Freelancing November 2015

How did you pick your side hustle? I’ve sold a few things on and off with eBay in since 2008. I figured that I could make some money to help pay off my debt. I never thought about freelancing until after FinCon 2015 [editor’s note: that’s a financial blogger conference]. I never considered myself a writer, but figured I could try.

Did you encounter any setbacks?  I may have a couple of down months (less than $100) every once in a while. With freelancing, you can lose clients if they decide to go a different direction.

How did you fund your side hustle? I use extra money from my job to purchase items to sell on eBay. With freelance writing, there is no cost.

How did you find a venue?  No venues needed for either of them. I sell and write out of my apartment.

When you were first starting out, how did you find clients?  With eBay, sometimes customers find your items. Other times I promoted my items on Facebook eBay groups or tweeted some of the things that I was selling. I got most of my freelance clients through word of mouth.

How are you marketing your business?  I still post my items in Facebook eBay groups. I also share them on Pinterest. I promote my writing services on my blog. I also do word of mouth.

How much side income have you made?  I made a little under $1500 with eBay last year. I made over $7500 freelancing.

Where is your business now? Both are doing good. I used to only go to thrift stores two times a month. Now I go between 4-6. I’m freelancing for more people and currently looking for more clients.

What was the most important thing you learned? The most important thing that I learned was to just do it. In all actuality, I could have been doing both these side hustles years ago. I was lazy and not focused. If you’re thinking about doing a side hustle, do it.

Jason designs the hilarious t-shirts featured here and also sells them online.   You can find Jason at his website, on Facebook at and on most social media as Butler_Journal.