Michelle Jackson

Digital Content Makes Michelle Money

I feel like I’ve known Michelle Jackson, our Side Hustle of the Month for May, since forever.  Like many of our side hustlers, I either met Michelle online or at the Financial Blogger Conference eons ago and we’ve been in touch ever since.  Michelle’s original site www.shopmyclosetproject.com taught people how to live well, frugally, but has evolved to be more than that.

Michelle quit her super stressful job, traveled to Australia for some time, found clarity, came back to the United States and now works for herself.  Read on to learn more about Michelle who is making money by being a Digit Content Creator (and Freelance Writer).

Start Date:  When haven’t I side hustled?

How did you pick your side hustle?  Fell into freelancing and digital content creation after blogging for years and having friends and contacts show me how to make money online (seriously).

Did you encounter any setbacks?  Of course! Self-doubt is the biggest setback and lack of information.

How did you fund your side hustle?  No funding needed –it’s all digital!

When you were first starting out, how did you find clients? Referrals or cold pitching (easier than it sounds).

How are you marketing your business?   Through personal connections, podcasts, writing, and public speaking. I also have a Meetup group in my hometown that I plan to leverage for coaching clients.

How much side income have you made?   Around $60,000 since 2014 not including in-kind perks and opportunities such as free conferences, clothes, and other business related perks. I should mention that I wasn’t working as hard as I am now and am thinking that the next 12 months should have a nice uptick in passive income.

Where is your business now? I am currently in a business related pivot and doubling down on creating passive income via the three websites that I own and run.

What was the most important thing you learned?   There are SO many ways to make money and that people will buy anything.  The important thing is figuring out what you can commit to and rock out.

You can find Michelle at her various websites including http://shopmyclosetproject.com, http://coloradoluvhub.info and http://thedonesociety.rocks.